We are Cornerstones

We-are Cornerstones

We are the writer’s friend.

Whether you’re on your first draft or are ready to submit, writing a book is a long and solitary journey.

But you don’t have to go it alone.

Our editors are agented and published writers, senior agents and acquiring editors at major publishing houses.

We offer a range of editorial services from in-depth reports to submission package assessment and intensive workshopping.

We also act as scouts for agents.

We’re writers too, and believe in sharing our knowledge with you. Why not start right now with an initial consult at no charge of your synopsis and first chapter?

  • A Perfect Home
  • The Insider
  • Anthem for Jackson Dawes
  • Wild Water
  • Troll Fell
  • Panther
  • The Dreamsnatcher

“Like dieters, writers reach plateaus. We come so far and yet still receive rejections despite our hard work. It’s at this stage, when you are doing everything right as far as you know, that it’s good to call in professional help. Cornerstones’ editorial report helped me to see where the script was falling down and gave me the confidence to send it back out again.”

Liz Fenwick, The Cornish House, Orion