“I’d managed to work my manuscript (and myself) up into a bit of a tangled mess that I couldn’t seem to get out of… Cornerstones helped me to unpick the knots and smooth out my plot, and they did this with clarity and simplicity. The guidance and feedback they offered was instrumental in helping me to find a home for my writing, and now I’ve signed a great deal with a fantastic publisher for a Young Adult trilogy!”

Johanna Handley The Burning of Juniper Slaide, Rudling House

If your editor recommends your manuscript for submission to agents, we’ll let you know that we’d like to consider it when we send you the editorial report.

Once you’ve completed revisions, you’ll send us the first 50 pages for consideration.

Submission can be an involved process which differs for every author. It may be that we request the whole manuscript and sell you straight in to an agent, or we may want to work with you personally before submitting. At this stage, there is no charge for our feedback. We may turn you down if we don’t feel we can pass you through. If we’re interested but there’s significant revision to be made we might recommend another report. We don’t make this suggestion lightly, and you’re under no obligation to undertake this step.

Submission of work to agents is by invitation only, at our discretion, and it also has to work for you. If your manuscript reaches this level we’ll discuss the process with you in more detail and send you an agreement. If at any stage you feel you’d prefer to submit your work yourself then you’re free to do so, as long as you let us know.

If you get a publishing deal as a result of us placing you with an agent, our fee will be 10% of the initial worldwide advance you receive, with no ongoing royalties. This works on a no-win/no-fee basis.


Agencies whom we have worked with in these ways include:

The Agency

Aitken Alexander

AM Heath


Andrew Lownie

Anne Clark

Blake Friedmann

Caroline Sheldon

Conville & Walsh

Curtis Brown

Diamond Kahn & Woods Literary Agency

Diane Banks

Furniss Lawton

Futerman & Rose

Greene & Heaton


Hardman & Swainson

Janklow & Nesbit

Jo Unwin

Kate Hordern Literary Agency

Lucas Alexander Whitley


Lorella Belli

MBA Literary

Peters Fraser Dunlop

Rogers Coleridge White

Stephanie Roundsmith

United Agents

The Vine Agency

Wade & Doherty

Watson Little

William Morris Endeavor

Writers House